Paint Protection Film

Clear Vinyl Paint Protection

Protection Film comes in many names: Stone Guard, Rock Guard, Diamond Shield and Paint Protection Film.  This is a clear film that is applied to surfaces of a vehicle that are prone to stone chips from normal driving conditions.  This vinyl protects the vehicle from most road debris so that the paint doesn’t get damaged, protecting your investment and keeping your vehicle looking nice!

We can create and install or ship Paint Protection Film kits for: Cars, Trucks, Commercial Vehicles, RV’s…  We have templated designs for most vehicles that we can make and ship! Contact us today and we can email you a quote!

Before & After

Paint Protection Film Before Paint Protection Film After


Is there any Maintenance Required?

No, there is no maintenance required.  But it is best to keep the surface of the Paint Protection Film clean, just as you would for any other surface of the vehicle. 

How long does Paint Protection Film Last?

While the Paint Protection Film is rated for 10 years plus, actual results directly depend on how well the your vehicle is cared for, how much time is spent in direct sunlight, and the amount and size of road debris that your vehicle encounters.

Will the Paint Protection Film be Visible on the vehicle?

Paint Protection Film is clear and generally goes unnoticed, unless you are specifically looking for it.  If the vehicle is dirty, the edges of the Paint Protection Film can collect more debris, but once the vehicle is cleaned, again the Paint Protection Film will be difficult to notice.

Can Paint Protection Film be Removed once installed?

Yes, Paint Protection Film can be removed once installed.  For films that are damaged or have been installed for an extended period of time, professional removal of the Paint Protection Film is highly recommended.

Can I Wash my vehicle after Installing Paint Protection Film?

Yes, you can wash your vehicle after Paint Protection Film has been installed.  Please wait 3 days after installation to make sure that the adhesive has had enough time to cure before washing for the first time.  Please be cautious when using a Power Washer, as this can cause edges to lift.  It is advised to keep a distance of at least 1 foot between the nozzle and the Paint Protection Film.  Most Automatic Car Washes are fine to use after the curing period.

Can Paint Protection Film be Waxed?

Yes, your Paint Protection Film can be waxed. Please be sure to check the ingredients and use non-abrasive wax only.

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